About Us


Welcome to our world!! Each piece we create is designed and handmade by us. The mosaic pieces are created on various substrates…MDF board, custom carved and plastered shapes, surfboards or fun shapes we have found in our wanderings. If it stays still long enough it will likely wind up with glass and/or beads on it! No two pieces are the same and items are customizable! Talk to us about your next landscaping addition - we can create a custom globe using your favorite colors and patterns. Our dog “Thyroid III” would be a great addition to any family! He doesnt bark, no need to clean up after him and makes a colorful addition to any part of the house or yard.  Our beaded works, serving trays and wall hangings are unique and add colorful spots of color wherever they land. In the very near future we will be adding Assemblage Art to the website. These are very unique, whimsical pieces using musical instruments, vintage toys, doll parts, clocks and vintage glass to create crazy, fun items that are sure to make a great addition to your home or office. 

All pieces are available for purchase through us, or on Etsy. Like Thyroid but want him in a different color, shorter, different ears, longer tail? Let us know and we can create him to your specifications. Let us know what your vision is and we will create it just for you!

I look forward to helping you find that perfect addition to your home/collection! 

Julie Dickey

Meet Julie Dickey

Im not sure where my love for art started, or how it evolved, but the quote by Dorothea Tanning,  “Art has always been the raft onto which we climb to save our sanity.” resonates with me. Since a young age, art was the easiest way for me to express happiness, fear, anger, sadness, or merely for the sake of sharing creativity.  As I became older I discovered it was a comforting way for me to have a voice and work through life situations, without having to lie down and let someone get in my head. Instead I put what was in my head out for the world to see, or at least a form of it. No particular medium – paint, tile, beads, sewing, clay – if I could shape it, control the outcome and see it through from start to finish, it made me feel better. Enter big jobs, marriage, children…and without realizing how much it contributed to my “ voice", I found less and less time for it.  Fast forward to an ugly divorce, the death of my mom and bonus mom, both from cancer, and raising 6 kids (we are a blended family), I realized I need to find my “voice” again and more than that a way to be heard. 

Enter Sandy, my partner in crime and art.  She is a phenomenal mosaic/beading artist, who has found that art has gotten her through some rough spots as well. We were a match made in Heaven as the saying goes – we have become each others muses, Yin to Yang….and she loves my crazy family – husband and all 6 kids. We have expanded our horizon to include some assemblage art (stay tuned for pics in the near future) made up of trinkets and instruments we have found in flea markets, shops and garages in various parts of the country


We are currently creating where we live – in beautiful San Clemente, CA. We have a couple of goals both personally and for The Passionate HeARTs. The idea of bringing a stronger sense of the arts to San Clemente and the surrounding areas is top of the list. Whether it is through education in the schools, classes, art shows, galleries or public art – we just want to get it out there. Secondly, helping people to discover art as a healing, therapeutic process can be a powerful tool in recovery of any kind. We have both reaped the benefits of using art instead of a couch!  In the near future we will be leading classes and workshops to help people rediscover/find their lost "voices" and embrace the ability to express themselves through art.


We aren’t sure where this journey will lead us but thanks for coming along.

Julie Dickey