All the arts for the kids

2016 hEART

There is a great organization in Fullerton, California that is focused strictly on bringing art programs back to students K through 12 in the Unified School District. The All the Arts for All the Kids Foundation is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to developing, sustaining and supporting the arts as an intrinsic part of every child’s education.

It is this organization’s passionate belief that the arts are the birthright of every child, and as such, the Foundation champions the arts in the Fullerton Unified School District. We enthusiastically raise funds which are used exclusively to supplement the District’s ongoing arts programs.  This grass roots community effort is staffed solely by volunteers, so that all proceeds go directly to the children in every school in the District.

The passionate heARTs are proud to announce their participation in All the Artsannual fundraiser.  This event will be held in April of 2016 which involves a silent auction of amazing donated works of art.  All of the proceeds will sponsor the art programs in the Fullerton schools.  We were thrilled when we were asked to mosaic one of four 5 foot hearts which will be sold at the live auction portion of this event.  Click on the previously posted link to learn about the details and see pictures of decorated hearts from prior years.  We look forward to seeing you there.  Stay tuned for updates on the progression of our heart.

We have finished our heart for the Kids! These pictures show the progress of the heart from start to finish. It is currently being showcased at the City Hall in Fullerton. The first week of April it will be moved to its permanent location for viewing by the public until the auction on April 16th. We are hoping that whoever buys him will give us visiting privileges as we fell a little in love with him during this process.  We cant wait to start on the heart for next year! 

The completed 5’ peacock heart we created for All the Arts Foundation in Fullerton sold at auction for $10,000. Every penny of the money will go to provide art lessons, music, theatre and dance for the students in the Fullerton school district. We are thrilled to have been able to help the foundation realize their target price for the heart.