Cow Parade 

The Worlds Largest Public Art Event

Back in April while searching the internet for a 6’ resin rooster (thats a different story for another day), Sandy came across a call for artists for a really cool event - CowParade. Problem was it was about 5 months old. Not being girls who take “No” for an answer, Sandy called and spoke with some people and they said they would accept our drawing if we could pull it off in the next couple of days. We did and then didn’t hear anything until July. We were told that a winery in Paso Robles, San Marcos Creek Winery wanted to sponsor our cow. Instead of a full size cow (yes 8 feet long and 5 feet high) they had a mini-moo for us (about the size of a labrador they said) and it was due August 31st! Were we interested? YES!

Well Moo-Jolais as she has come to be known, is a mutant labrador at best…but man is she beautiful!! She will make her public debut September 16th in the pastures of the Madonna Inn. She will hang there with 100 other beautiful bovines for the next few days, after that she will greet visitors at the winery at San Marcos Creek Vineyards in Paso Robles. She will stay there until the auction in May of 2017 at which time she will go home with the highest bidder.

CowParade is an international organization. Since its inception in 1999 it has been hosted by 70 cities around the world. The auction proceeds go to various charities and foundations in the host city. Check out their website for more information!

We are super exited for Moo-Jolais debut! Big shout out to the Morelli’s for sponsoring her and giving us an opportunity to be part of this event.  Many thanks and giant hugs to Kelsie Spriggs, Sue Ferrante and Carol Towler - without help from these wonderful humans we would not have made our deadline! We love you!