Moulton Elementary Schools

earth Day Mural

The Earth Day Event we were invited to participate in was a huge success.  We had 217 kids glue different colors and shapes of glass to pre-cut hands and hearts. The pieces were then brought back to our studio where we fired all of them so the glass bits fused together. After the hands and  hearts were fused we used a special outdoor adhesive to attach them to panels of  wedi-board.  The panels were then grouted and attached to the brick wall at the front of the school. We had so much support from family and friends…. many thanks to Randy Dickey, Jeff Spriggs, Sue Ferrante, Nancy Francis and Andrew Patten. 

Many special thanks to the staff, parents and students of Moulton Elementary. We are hoping to be invited back next year and begin the process of turning the front wall of the school into an orchard!  We were so very touched by the comments from Kids, Parents and Staff….their delight with the completed project reminds us of why

we do this!